Welcome to Edvectus

Congratulations! You have embarked on the first part of your journey to a fulfilling teaching career abroad.

The decision to teach abroad should never be undertaken lightly. Moving overseas to teach in an international school can be a life changing experience, and it requires research and preparation.  Edvectus firmly believes that a prepared teacher is a successful teacher and we work with our registered teachers to help them find the right information about foreign cultures, regions, curricula and jobs to help them make the right choices and gain the most advantages when applying, interviewing and evaluating jobs.

On our website you will find general information including regional and country guides, teacher tips such as how to evaluate financial packages, as well as general advice and insights for internationally bound teachers through our blog and our Twitter feed. 

For our registered teachers, an even richer array of information is at hand –you will have access to a vast collection of specialised information about international teaching, accessible through your free, personalised Learning Portal. You will find hundreds of videos, guides, documents, courses and websites all developed or selected with the international educator in mind, and these resources are updated constantly.  You can track your learning progress, recommend resources to others and let your friends know what learning you have achieved.

National teacher training systems are designed to train teachers to work within their national systems. Edvectus’ unique Learning Portal gives you the edge you need to embark upon and further develop your teaching career internationally.