Science teacher with SEN experience - Qatar - Immediate

School - Middle East
Start Date:
26 July 2019
A very unique special needs school in Qatar seeks a Science specialist for its High School. This well resourced school, leveraging its links with renouned universities, seeks to educate children with mild to moderate learning difficulties.

With the support of university partners, the school has curricula with a strong base in research, including programs that have proven to be effective in improving the academic skills of students. Students with learning challenges or who are ‘at risk’ must be able to achieve academically at an accelerated rate, or else they will remain significantly behind in achieving learning standards. Their programs break learning down into small stages that students are expected to master before moving to the next, more complex skill. Students receive instruction in groups of no more than six. This high student-teacher ratio allows teachers to immediately respond to student answers and provide feedback. It also allows teachers to immediately correct student errors so they will not be repeated, and to interact with each student individually to ensure the mastery of concepts and skill throughout the period of instruction.

The school's teachers go through rigorous training prior to delivering the selected curricula. Teachers are supported by instructional coaches who provide feedback daily on lesson delivery. These instructional coaches also provide one-on-one, small-group and large-group professional development during the academic year. The coaches work collaboratively with principals to ensure that high-quality teaching strategies are used consistently with our research-validated curricula.

The school offers a competitive Compensation Package which includes:

A tax-free salary
Furnished housing
Annual air tickets
Tuition for 3 children covered within the family of schools (as this is a Special Needs school, it may not be suitable for all dependents therefore they can be educated in mainstream sister schools).
Global medical insurance for staff and up to 5 dependents.
Life insurance coverage.
One-month salary gratuity for every year of service.
Modern facilities with a wide range of resources.
Opportunities for growth and development.
An adventure of a lifetime where you can travel the world and discover new cultures.
Number Of Students:
small class sizes of 6-8
Student Make Up:
Mainly Qatari children
Regional Info:
Qatar is an exciting option to consider for a rewarding career enhancement opportunity in a reputable school, to immerse oneself into a thriving and welcoming expatriate community and to explore a hospitable and traditional lifestyle among the local people. From skyscraping tower block communities teeming with hotels, restaurants and bars to a little closer to the ground ancient souks offering a glimpse into the past in their warrens of alleyways and local merchants, Qatar offers a full and colourful insight into a developing Gulf country getting ready for the World Cup.
Tax Rate:
Tax Free
Minimum Years Experience:
Will Accept Newly Qualified Teachers:
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